Monday, October 29, 2012

#02 043 ways of big big big big people!

Chapter 2 , sAnkhyA yOga (The Unifying yoked path of Numbers).
sAnkh 02 / 43: kAmAtmAna: svargaparA janma karma phala pradAm kriyAviSeeshabahulAm bhoogaiSvaryagatim prati.
Those who will be interested in heaven and its luxuries perform desire-driven-actions. Their every movement is directed towards luxury and wealth. (02 43).
The dividing line between desire-driven actions (karmas) and desire-NOT-driven actions, is very thin. e.g.: Shri rAma, in vAlmiki rAmayana, performed 100 horse sacrifices. What for were his horse-sacrifices, if not desire-driven?
rAma's father daSaratha performed a horse sacrifice before putra kAmEshThi (a special sacrifice for begetting a son). daSaratha's horse sacrfice was ostensibly for cleaning his sins (kilbisham), a pre-condition for begetting sons. yudhishThira in mahAbharata, performed a horse sacrifice to cleanse his sins arising out of killing one's own kith and kin. They were just satisfied with one horse sacrifice each.
But why was Shri rAma crazy enough to perform a hundred horse sacrifices. Were they for cleaning his sins?

While the 8th incarnation of vishNu went on performing sacrifices, including horse sacrifices, his 9th incarnation though superficially seemed to criticise sacrifices, did in fact encourage them, when performed by his worshippers: e.g. 1. krishNa not only encouraged yudhishThira to perform a rAjasUya sacrifice by conquering kings and plundering their wealth, but also attended it as the Chief Guest. e.g. 2. After the mahAbhArata war, though vyAsa advised yudhishThira to perform an aSvamEtha sacrifice, krishNa did not discuss its futility with vyAsa and dissuade yudhishThira from undertaking the ghastly sacrifice.

These are the ways of the big big big big people!


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